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Water treatment plant control, Waste water treatment skids, potable water production control, filtration & disinfection systems, water distribution control, water production management, water leak/theft detection, electricity and resource utilization optimizations, water quality monitoring and control, boosting stations, reservoirs management.


SCADA/DCS pipeline control centers (Redundancy, regional), valve stations, boosting stations, cathodic protection, security (pipe, perimeter, passive/active), leak detection, GIS systems, emergency shutdown, preheating, cleaning, quality measurement, PRMS, custody transfer metering. LPG underground storage management, LPG terminal dispatch System, Explosion proof protection.


SCADA/DCS pipeline control centers (Redundancy, regional), Valve & Boosting Stations, cathodic protection, leak detection, GIS systems, Maintenance Systems, Emergency shutdown, Tank farm management, dispatch terminal management, metering stations.


EMS & DMS systems, SCADA System, load shedding, generators’ load balancing management, production coordination.


Communication & IT

Wide range ofavailable communication technologies – UHF/VHF, Wireless, WiFi, IR, Cellular, Copper, Fiber Optic, Satellite. IT & Security:- Servers, Routers, Firewalls, UTM all combined to provide the best reliable and secured solution for internal and external usage & interface.

Surveillance & Security

Perimeter/Border Electrical Fence systems, Large scale (Municipal & Nation Wide) Command & Control CCTV Systems with Advanced video Analytics (Day & Night), Events & Forces Management, GIS based, Access/Entrance Control Systems, Panic buttons, RFID, Solar energy solutions for remote sites.


A Complete Integration

AMnetEX utilizes vast and versatile leading edge technologies into a viable working and advanced Control System (SCADA, DCS, C&C) using top leading companies for the Control Hardware (PLCs, RTUs, PAC, DAC) from companies such as Siemens, ABB, Allen Bradley, Schneider, GE and many others; and with SCADA/DCS packages such as Cimplicity, WinCC, PCS7, ControlMaestro, RSLink, Wonderware and others; all providing better production performance, lower overhead, utilize resources more efficiently, respond to alarms and events more rapidly.

AMnetpro Group

Our Mission

To observe, to listen, to Learn, to Integrate.

To be in a permanent aspect of safety, easy and profitable effective environmental solutions that achieve the same results in the industrial and civil projects. Use the best technologies available for implementing energy saving, water saving, prevention of chemical pollution, mobility and Asset Tracking. Integrate technology solutions around the world, working together for a better planet.

Our Vision

The answers are already there.

In the last decades, the industry is constantly changing and evolving every day with better solutions that are available to do what we did before, but with less environmental damage. Our vision is to create an integration company that combines the expertise of many professionals around the world to provide solutions that can help us have a safe planet, clean to live better.

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