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SAFETY isa commitment toALL

Our missionis to provide Automation and SCADA systems thinking security prevent , reduce & mitygate Any damage to personnel, Environment, Community and our clients Operating Capital

Process Controlvs. Security Control

Control process

  • Active / Dynamic
  • E/Sanalog, continuous monitoring,mathematical
  • processing required
  • Most failures are auto show
  • No extensive diagnostics
  • Mustbe flexible to allowfrequent changes
  • Manual Control

Security Control

  • Passive / Sleeper
  • Most failures are notself-revealing
  • Periodic extensiveDiagnostics.
  • Require periodic testingto verify system integrity
  • Frequent changes should be avoided orcontrolled/documented
  • Restrict human interaction


Most standards recommend or requirethat both systemsare separated.

Common failures and systematic errors (design) should be considered to check the effect of separation systems.

Fundamental concepts.

  • Risk Reduction and Risk Reduction Factor(RRF)
  • Level of Safety Integrity(SIL)
  • Levels of Independence and the consequences
  • Probability of failure on demand(PFD)
  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • The failure rate(λ)
  • ExerciseTest interval between twotest exercises(T[Proof])
  • Failure inTime(FIT)
  • Time before failure(MTTF)
  • Time between failure (MTBF)
  • Repair Time (MTTR)
  • Fraction of security breaches(SFF)
  • Security Lifecycle
  • Safety Instrumented System(SIS)


Risk reduction can be estimated

Level of Risk is a probabilistic value

Calculation depends on the probability of occurrence of an accident, and the level of damage or consequence of the accident

AMnetpro Group

Our Mission

To observe, to listen, to Learn, to Integrate.

To be in a permanent aspect of safety, easy and profitable effective environmental solutions that achieve the same results in the industrial and civil projects. Use the best technologies available for implementing energy saving, water saving, prevention of chemical pollution, mobility and Asset Tracking. Integrate technology solutions around the world, working together for a better planet.

Our Vision

The answers are already there.

In the last decades, the industry is constantly changing and evolving every day with better solutions that are available to do what we did before, but with less environmental damage. Our vision is to create an integration company that combines the expertise of many professionals around the world to provide solutions that can help us have a safe planet, clean to live better

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