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Our team is certified internationally, with extensive experience in wide projects. Below we name some projects that participated.

CLIENTS/ Colombia


Empresa de Acueducto  y Alcantarillado de Bogotá EAAB

  • SCADA and Automation System for mains water and sew age stations.
  • Pumping Stations & Electrical Systems
  • Major water consumers AMR
  • Distribution and monitoring of water pressure
  • Distribution and monitoring of water flow
  • Monitoring and control of electrical substations
  • Maintenance & Service
  • Maintenance and control of hydrosubstations
  • Hydrometeorology and Monitoring of rivers

Empresas publicas de Armenia

  • Automation of water supply
  • Control Center SCADA and communications
  • Automation of the water plant
  • Additions of new sectors and loss control

Termocandelaria - Cartagena

  • Purification of water for power generation plant.


  • SCADA crude
  • Security Surveillance System for sensitive structures

Aguas y Aguas de Pereira

  • Consulting for automation project of hydraulic system and definition of a master plan for telemetry.


Autoridad del agua de Barrancabermeja

  • Consulting for the automation and the new project SCADAsystem.


Autoridad del agua de Zulia

  • Automation of doors for the consumption of river water treatment plant.




  • Consulting for the new SCADA project


  • SCADA for the process of ethanol, including irrigation

CLIENTS / Paraguay



  • Consulting for the new SCADA project

AMnetpro Group

Our Mission

To observe, to listen, to Learn, to Integrate.

To be in a permanent aspect of safety, easy and profitable effective environmental solutions that achieve the same results in the industrial and civil projects. Use the best technologies available for implementing energy saving, water saving, prevention of chemical pollution, mobility and Asset Tracking. Integrate technology solutions around the world, working together for a better planet.

Our Vision

The answers are already there.

In the last decades, the industry is constantly changing and evolving every day with better solutions that are available to do what we did before, but with less environmental damage. Our vision is to create an integration company that combines the expertise of many professionals around the world to provide solutions that can help us have a safe planet, clean to live better.

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